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Name: Cloud Systems
Keywords: Analytics, Cloud Computing, Social Computing, Mobile, Big Data, API, Management, Software Defined Enterprise, Virtualization, Systems of Record, Systems of Engagement, Systems of Interaction, Security, Smart Systems, QoS, Eventual Consistency, Resource Allocation, Utility Computing, X as a Service, Multi-Tenancy, Scalability.

The EAI Endorsed Transactions on Cloud System (ToCS) is an international venue for publishing innovative and cutting edge results on the convergence of next-generation technologies and methodologies reshaping our way of living. The emerging converged platform for growth and innovation is built on four technology pillars: mobile computing, cloud services, big data and analytics, and social networking.

Researchers and practitioners involved in cloud systems can publish information on theory, engineering principles, enabling technologies, and practical experiences related to cloud systems. ToCS will offer an end-to-end view on the challenges and technologies in cloud systems, foster research that addresses the interaction between and across the different technology pillars, and ultimately help shape the future of cloud systems as they transform business and society.

Technical papers describing original, previously unpublished work, not currently under review by another conference or journal, are solicited. ToCS is interested both in research contributions and industrial experiences involving any of the associated areas: cloud computing, services development and operations, big data and analytics, and social networks. Technical papers that take a broad systems perspective and identify how the work fits to an overall solution are particularly of interest . Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Anything as a Service (XaaS), for example: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Business process as a service (BPaaS) or Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS)
  • Cloud architecture and foundation services
  • Big data management and analytics
  • Internet of things (IoT) and Mobile Cloud
  • Virtualization technology
  • The virtual enterprise, software defined networks (SDN), Network Function virtualization (NFV), software defined Storage, Data virtualization, etc.
  • Cloud security, privacy, and trust
  • Workload deployment and migration
  • Resource management provisioning and load balancing
  • Energy management in cloud centers
  • Cloud programming models and tools
  • Private, Public, Hybrid and Federated clouds
  • API management, collaboration and integration
  • Content distribution and management
  • Service lifecycle management
  • Service management automation
  • Cloud computing programming models
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Discovery of services and data
  • Monitoring and Metering
  • Systems of records and systems of engagement
  • Business models, pricing, and software licensing
  • Modeling and Testing very large infrastructures
  • Standardization, regulation and compliance management
  • Web page: http://eai.eu/transaction/cloud-systems