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Advances in Blockchain and Machine Learning Technquies for Networking Systems

Editorial Board
Lead Guest Editors:
  • Prakash Mohan (Karpagam College of Engineering)
Aims & Scope

In the recent era, there is a rapid growth in the development of information technologies, communication engineering, infrastructures, resources, and applications in communication and networking systems becoming more complex and heterogeneous. In addition, the large volume of information and end gadgets may bring serious storage, security, privacy, services, and network challenges.

In order to achieve decentralized, secure, intelligent, and efficient network operation and management, the combination of Blockchain and machine learning (ML) could provide enormous benefits, and it has piqued the interest of both academia and industry. On the other hand, machine learning will have a big impact on the development of Blockchain in communications and networking systems, especially in terms of energy and resource efficiency, scalability, security, privacy, and intelligent smart contracts. However, numerous unsolved issues and challenges, such as resource management, data processing, scalable operation, and security concerns, must be resolved before the widespread use of Blockchain and machine learning.

The objective of this issue to focus on identifying the several important aspects of integrating Blockchain and Machine Learning, including an overview, benefits, and applications in the Communication and Networking system.


The below topic address the novel collection of Blockchain and Machine Learning
Technologies for Communication and Networking. Potential topics include, but are not
limited to

  • Blockchain in intelligent networks
  • Classification algorithms for a blockchain network
  • Clustering algorithms for blockchain networks
  • Collaborative Applications and Systems
  • Deep Learning for Communications and Cybersecurity
  • Forensics in blockchain environments
    Industry Cases and Deployment of Blockchain and ML towards communication
  • Intelligent applications of blockchain
  • Intelligent systems for fraud detection
  • Reinforcement learning and blockchain for networks
  • Secure intelligent enabled system for blockchain
  • Security, Cryptography and Privacy Network
Manuscript submission deadline:
Notification of acceptance:
Submission of final revised paper:
Publication of special issue (tentative):

Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems
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