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Next generation 6G wireless communication using Artificial Intelligence

Editorial Board
Lead Guest Editors:
  • Vimal S (Assistant Professor(SG))
Aims & Scope

In worldwide, the deployment of 5G communication networks has launched a big milestone in academia and industry, communication has made a remarkable achievement in wireless communication and moves beyond 5G. The exploration of 6G has been emerging in the AI platform to collect the sensor data with the support of High-performance computing networks. The traditional process involves a collection of the data in a centralized manner henceforth the heterogenous data from the various sources accumulated on the server leading to central issues in the communication. Ubiquitous computing is an emerging domain with the interconnectivity of various approaches in the ambient intelligence environment. AI-based Ubiquitous computing in Wireless communication is a bottleneck technology that enhances the privacy and security issues in the wireless paradigm. The AI-based approach is a distributed platform that enhances the connectivity of the smart system with increased network capacity, quality of service, network availability, and user experience. These emerging AI-based 6G communications improve the automation and the optimized transmission for next-generation data networks.

The main focus of this Special Section is on the most recent applications of AI in 6G to optimize data for next-generation networks. Hence, the goal of this Special Issue is to disseminate the latest research and innovations on Artificial Intelligence-based Wireless Communications.

This special issue provides an insight to the readers in way of inculcating the theme that shapes the 6G wireless communication through AI-based next-generation secure communication in a ubiquitous environment. The readers can be accumulated with various new technologies with 6G like

  1. Man-machine Interactions with various collections of data from multiple devices.
  2. Cloud-based distributed connections between multiple devices.
  3. New mixed multi-sensor data collections and data security
  4. Precision sensing that maps wireless communication with the physical world.

The below topic address the novel collection of AI-induced 6G wireless communications. Potential topics include, but are not limited to

  • AI-based 6G wireless secure communication for ubiquitous computing
  • AI-based Wireless modulation and coding using 6G
  • AI-based ubiquitous computing in channel modeling using 6G
  • AI-based approaches in ubiquitous computing for millimeter-wave technologies using 6G
  • AI-based approaches in ubiquitous computing for ultra-dense cell communication using 6G
  • AI-based approaches in ubiquitous computing for physical layer heterogeneous networks
  • AI-based approaches for testbeds and experimental evaluations using 6G
  • AI-based approaches for beamforming in mmWave massive MIMO using 6G
  • AI-based approaches for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) techniques using 6G
  • Applications of AI approaches for wireless communications technologies using 6G
  • AI-based Spectrum Sensing, Spectrum Management and security using 6G
  • AI-based Blockchain and IoT applications for ubiquitous computing using 6G
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Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems