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The Advanced Cloud-Based Techniques in Supporting Education Practices through the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Editorial Board
Aims & Scope

In the presence of the pandemic, we have all increasingly been forced online, with many aspects of our personal and professional lives now being supported by the cloud infrastructure. While a transition back to the original modes of operation may occur once the Covid-19-induced pressures ease, there is a significant potential that many of us will conduct more of our lives in an online fashion than we ever have done in the past. Cloud technology has proven to be a critical backbone for many real applications. One of the most important cloud user groups is the online educators and students, with cloud technology playing a particularly supportive role in facilitating both synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning. A point of contention, however, is in the support of synchronous learning, where teaching and learning take place interactively, in real-time. This is important for the positive contributions that it can make to the student experience, but it is challenging due to the bottleneck of an increasingly expanding user base and, in worst-case scenarios, network failure.

This special issue provides a premier international forum for the presentation of the advanced Cloud-Based Techniques in supporting online teaching and learning experiences. The special issue seeks to the experiences both during and prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  •  Online teaching challenges caused by difficulty in harnessing cloud technology
  • Case studies on how cloud technology has been used to effectively support a rapid move to online teaching
  • Studies on the perceptions of the difficulties of using cloud technology to support online teaching and learning
  • Developments needed to cloud technology to support effective online teaching and learning
  • Case studies on challenging teaching and learning experiences as a consequence of cloud technology
  • Student perceptions of the role(s) played by cloud in supporting their online learning experiences
  • The security, privacy, and trust management in the cloud environment to support the online teaching and learning
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