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Recent Advances in Ubiquitous Computing

Editorial Board
The importance and benefits of Recent Advances in Ubiquitous Computing in people's daily lives.The proposed book will benefit researchers, advanced students as well as practitioners. The collection of papers in the book will inspire future researchers – in particular, researchers interested in interdisciplinary research. The rich interdisciplinary contents of the book will be a subject of interest to faculty, research communities, and researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines who aspire to create new and innovative research initiatives and applications. The book aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from different research backgrounds and inspire new research directions and application domains within Recent Advances in Ubiquitous Computing.This book will have a strong focus on practical applications, tested in a real environment.The application domains will have a large range, in which Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical systems, Manufacturing systems, Engineering, Management, Health sciences, Business, education, electronics, tourism, transports and others will be included.
Recent Advances in Ubiquitous Computing:•Computer Science and EngineeringoNLPoPattern recognitionoData miningoKnowledge discoveryoFeature extraction and selection•Mechanical systemsoCondition monitoring and diagnosticsoMulti-objective optimization in designoControl system design•Manufacturing systemsoDevelopment of data-driven modelsoMulti-objective optimization of machining parameters•Engineering managementoInventory managementoProject selectionoFacility layout designoScheduling•Health scienceoPatient condition monitoring and diagnosticsoClinical decision support systemsoPatient empowerment systems•BusinessoMarket analysis and forecastingoCredit rating

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