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Energy Efficient Computing in parallel and distributed computing Special Issue

Editorial Board
Special Issue Editors:
  • Varadharajan Vijayakumar (Professor, School of Computing Science and Engineering, VIT University, Chennai, India)
Computing systems account for about 13% of the electricity consumption in office buildings. From embedded sensors to mobile devices to data centers, enery has become a limiting factor. As computing becomes ubiquitous and pervasive, building energy efficient devices becomes important. This special issue addresses all aspects of energy-efficient computing in parallel and distributed computing. This special issue solicits research papers addressing the challenges with practical results in addressing energy efficient computing in parallel and distributed computing environments such as cloud computing, edge computing, sky computing and fog computing.
  • Energy-efficient networking and protocols
  • Energy-efficient Cloud computing
  • Energy-efficient peer-to-peer networking and overlays
  • Energy-efficient application design
  • Energy-efficient virtualization
  • Energy-efficeint resource sharing and security
  • Energy-demand reduction techniques
  • Energy-efficient grid computing
  • Energy-efficient data center technology
  • Energy-efficient network components
  • Energy-efficient scheduling
  • Green computing
Green computing, Energy Management, Distributed computing, Energy-aware computing

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