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Intelligent Networks with NFV/SDN and Big Data Special Issue

Editorial Board
Special Issue Editors:
  • Mithun Mukherjee (GUDP)

Recently, with an increased growth of network-based services, network operators are struggling to reduce their operational costs and time-to-market for network services. The steady transition from traditional network architectures to those built on Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) offers new opportunities for enabling more flexible and efficient management solutions in the 5G network.

Additionally, the rapidly growing network of connected devices with capacity of collecting and exchanging data using embedded sensors produces vast amounts of information. These new paradigms in network architectures synergistic with big data analysis could improve the operation of the network in an agile and automated way.

However, such SDN/NFV-based networks introduce major performance challenges to their realization in various aspects. While SDN/NFV will lead to a new level of service agility and operational cost savings, it gives the overheads and performance cost imposed by cloudification and softwarization. Another stumbling block is the tradeoff between system performance and and network intelligence.

Therefore, this special issue of Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems calls for original, high-quality papers that present models, algorithms, and implementation of intelligent NFV/SDN-based networks with focus on the robustness, efficiency, agility of network services. It may also outline essential challenges, proof-of-concept studies with performance evaluations and comparison among solution approaches.

Guest editors:

Tuan-Minh Pham (corresponding guest editor), Thuyloi University, Vietnam,

Dao Thanh Hai, Hanoi University of Industry, Vietnam,

Tran Hoang Hai, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam,

Adisorn Lertsinsrubtavee, University of Cambridge, UK,

  • Optimization for data routing and processing in SDN/NFV networks
  • Dynamic service function chaining for NFV with network intelligence
  • Best practices for performance tunning of intelligent SDN/NFV networks
  • SDN/NFV with big data analytics for Mobile Edge Computing
  • Traffic engineering in SDN/NFV networks with big data analytics
  • Performance evaluations of intelligent SDN/NFV networks
  • Fault tolerance, reliability and availability in SDN/NFV networks with big data analytics
  • Interoperability and scalability issues of service implementation in intelligent SDN/NFV networks
  • Resource sharing, management and federation in intelligent SDN/NFV networks
  • Big data application interfaces in SDN/NFV networks
  • Big data processing and computing methods with applications in SDN/NFV networks
  • Security issues in SDN/NFV networks with big data analytics
  • Evaluations of application scenarios of SDN/NFV for IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Grid, etc.
Manuscript submission deadline:
Notification of acceptance:
Submission of final revised paper:
Publication of special issue (tentative):
March 2018

Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems