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eScripts is a submissions and review management system for research journals and other peer-reviewed publications. Developed to serve European Alliance for Innovation, it extends the traditional peer review system with a novel bidding process: registered users can browse titles and abstracts of submitted articles and put in a request to review those they find interesting.

eScripts defines several different editorial roles:

  • Editors-in-Chief (EiCs) have full administrative rights over the publication to which they are appointed. This includes the right to set the description and keywords for the publication, to add and remove members from the Editorial Board, and to determine the Handling Editor (HE) for individual submissions. EiCs have administrative rights over all submissions and can make editorial decisions in the case that the HE's duties are not fulfilled. Editors-in-Chief privileges in e-Scripts can only be granted by e-Scripts administrators.
  • Co-Editors-in-Chief have identical administrative rights to EiCs, with the difference being semantic rather than practical.
  • Area Editors (AEs) are regular members of the Editorial Board, appointed by the EiC or co-EiC. Area Editors do not have administrative rights over the publication, but can be appointed as Handling Editor for individual submissions.
  • Handling Editors (HEs) are members of the Editorial Board who have been appointed to oversee the review process of a given individual submission. Any EB member [EiC, co-EiC or AE] may be appointed as Handling Editor for a submission.
  • Lead Guest editors (LGE) and Guest Editors (GEs) organize a Special Issue or a Book on an emerging topic that advances the science within the scope of the journal or the book series. A guest editor’s issue is based on the reception and approval of a Proposal Form by the EiC/Series Editor. In the approval process, the EiC/Series Editor considers the scope, proposed content, and background of the proposing GE. Upon approval, GE has the sole responsibility for the issue/book creation and its content. The GEs’ privileges in e-Scripts can only be granted by the e-Scripts administrators.

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