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e-scripts in three questions

Why is e-scripts important for the innovation process?

Ideas with a potential to change the world are born every day. However, their visibility represents the main obstacle to accelerated innovation advancements. Bringing qualified research ideas to the research community, to their potential users and implementers in a timely manner is an essential first link in the innovation chain. Current peer-review based publication process may take several months to a few years. Thus the majority of the ideas remains invisible or even become obsolete by the time the articles are published.

EAI is introducing a novel crowd-review submission system called e-Scripts. Submitted papers are reviewed by the e-scripts researcher community using an innovative bidding process which shortens the time to publication to days or weeks. The thoroughly transparent e-Scripts review process increases review quality by simultaneously evaluating the performance of reviewers and by evaluating the impact and exploitation potential of the published paper.

What is e-Scripts crowd-review?

e-scripts is a novel Web 2.0 crowd-review system based on a reviewer bidding procedure where reviewers are chosen on open, transparent, crowd evaluation of their related review qualification. Once an author submits a paper, e-scripts opens a unique bidding process which provides the title and abstract of the paper publicly available to the whole community. Thanks to the community based EAI’s method of ranking and evaluation of the reviewers, the E-script’s bidding approach ensures the quality of the review process: each reviewer is voted by the crowd on his/her research and the innovative performance, and top ranked reviewers are chosen.

How does e-scripts benefit you and the innovation processes?

By combining web-based interactivity with the latest research on peer-review publications, and self-optimizing processes that lead to fair, unbiased, transparent and autonomous review systems, e-scripts substantially reduces the regular timeframe of the scientific publication life cycle, thus accelerating the transformation of research ideas into practical applications, with potentially relevant impact on both scientific community members and industry innovators. It provides the author with a fair and transparent evaluation by the most qualified reviewers. e-scripts provides the author with best available protection of his ideas in the WEB era - getting the idea to the public first. e-scripts provides the community of reviewers with immediate and up to date knowledge about research trends as all abstracts are available to the qualified reviewers. In addition to these authors and community benefits, and providing archival services, e-scripts allows both academic and industrial organizations to easily and effectively disseminate and cooperate in a real time, paving the way to the accelerated technology transfer.

As such, EAI’s e-scripts provides an open infrastructure for scientific collaboration which stimulates productive discussions, maximizes the visibility of the ground-breaking ideas, shortens their time to market, protects authorship recognition, and overall support innovation activities boosting overall innovation impact of ideas.

Thanks to its pioneering and winning approach to peer-reviewing, e-scripts is operating under the auspices of the European Commission and empowers all EAI Transactions.

Please find more information in the e-scripts USER and EDITOR manual.